Comin’ atcha with a new single – I’m so excited about this one!!

After putting out my last single, “Too Much”, I started working on finishing up a couple of other tracks I’ve got in the pipeline. After 2 very frustrating days, and nothing sticking, I thought it would be wise to take on board my favourite bit of advise – If it don’t flow, it don’t go! So I put these tunes on the shelf for a minute. I started to think about the message of my last single – the idea that people’s expectations of you might leave you feeling like you’re not enough, when perhaps the real problem is that people are asking too much of you.

To clarify this point a bit, for me this is about growing up in a community that I didn’t feel was the right fit for me. I grew up in church and consistently felt like I was trying to squeeze myself into a hole that wasn’t the right size. Trying to please other people, or look a certain way, or live by standards I don’t necessarily agree with when in actual fact, the real problem is that this community wasn’t right for me. It was the thing that was making me feel like I was never enough or never had enough to offer.

I’ve been writing songs as a therapy, a way of making something constructive out of thoughts and feelings that eat me up inside. For me, I didn’t feel like my last release said enough on this topic – I felt like I had more to say – and so here it is, Much Too Much, the sequel to Too Much!

The song takes a choir sample that was originally recorded for “Too Much”, but I never used it in the end as it felt too twee! The choir is cut up, pitched up and sped up. Stick a few 808s underneath, a retro drum machine beat, a modern church-organ-style synth and a couple of raps about moving away from feeling like I’m not enough, and you’ve got a song!

Fave parts for me are lyrics in the second verse:

I make mistakes without meaning,
To ‘err is human, i’m being
Can’t help the way i’ve been feeling,
But i’m coming up with no ceiling,
I’m changing lanes like I’m swerving,
I’m f**kin up but i’m learning,
I’m Looking, looking inside to find the things I need,
Cos, honestly, no-one else can give you that sheiiiit!

I’m really proud of this tune – for me it feels like i’m settling in to my sound and finding a voice for myself, so if you like this tune, you can expect a lot more similar sounds coming your way!!

Check it out on all streaming platforms…or give it a listen here:

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