New single, let’s go!!!! Too much just so happened to be the first song I wrote for myself, for me, it was the first time I decided to give myself permission to write about my feelings and try and give them some sort of voice rather than keep them shut in!

Too Much is about people who have expectations of you and feeling the pressure of those expectations. Having grown up in church, I felt the pressure of people expecting me to look or behave a certain way for years! The idea of taking control and saying, “I think you might be asking too much of me”, makes me feel like perhaps the problem isn’t me at all – but is the person or people who have unrealistic expectations.

Being perfect is a myth. Having your shit together is a myth. Even being a grown up is a myth. It’s impossible to keep up the act, trust me, I have tried. In honesty, I don’t really know how it looks to be free from feeling people’s expectations of me, but I do know that it’s entirely fine to say, “I think you’re asking too much”!

Too Much starts with a guitar (which I run through my Source Audio delay pedal), and introduces some tasty vintage synths (I mostly use the Tal-U-Nox plugin for simple Juno sounds, and my Casio CZ-101 hard synth for sweet 80s bass sounds). Live drums kick in around the chorus, along with live horns and live bass for the second verse. I’m a big fan of trying to get as much production ‘out of the box’ as possible and keep my music sounding human and un-quantised! Second pre you’ll here some organ, a nod to my church upbringing along with the line, “God damn, guess I stepped away from god’s plan”. After the last chorus, the song is reprised with the sounds of a mellotron, stacked up synths, church chords and live drums.

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